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Bridging the Digital Divide

Douar Tech supports young people to gain the essential skills of the workplace or as an entrepreneur. We have 560 hours of in-house course content in digital skills, entrepreneurship, and web development. We pair our content with contextualized, practical experience that our participants gain before completing our programs.

These experiences include training of trainers mechanisms leading to locally facilitated workshops, peer mentorship, mentorship clinics with experts from the Moroccan ecosystem, community-anchored projects, and other tailored hands-on programming.

We have designed several models for the implementation of our approach that meets the unique needs to varied target populations, program objectives, and partnership requests. If you'd like to learn more about our programming models, contact our Operational Team for details.

Web Development
Assimilate the bases of programming through HTML and realize projects with several computer languages to initiate project ideas.


Develop your product idea and gain skills to implement a sustainable project while understanding the skills to become a successful manager.

​Foundations of Technology

Familiarize yourself with the components of the digital economic sector and baseline dynamics of the Internet through web applications.

What we do

Engaging Young Leaders

Our team believes in the power of creating accessible and meaningful learning experiences. We leverage our core network from the local and international ecosystems to create invaluable pathways for exchange and learning. Our blended approach focuses on youth-led programming that centers their voice in the future of our collective intelligence.


Training of Trainers

Our participants develop autonomy through our training programs and are guided to become ambassadors in their own communities. We support young people lead educational workshops for community members in partnership with local civil society actors.


Learning Management System

Douar Tech implements its blended learning model by providing inclusive access to our in-house Learning Portal for students to access multi-lingual course content at any time.



We instill several models of mentorship depending on the needs of our target population. We have led 1:1 mentorship with international experts, peer mentorship, and targeted mentorship clinics. Relationship building is a key skills that our participants gain through our programs.


Digital Expert Series

When young people gain knowledge about entrepreneurship or digital skills we believe that this knowledge must be contextualized through candid and raw storytelling. Our flagship webinar program, the Digital Expert Series, gathers volunteer mentors from the Moroccan ecosystem and diaspora. They relay personal experiences in their professional journey and create a platform for dialogue with young Moroccan leaders.


Micro-work Integration

Our alumni are skilled young people from diverse fields in financial management to web development and digital marketing. We solicit short-term work exchanges for qualified alumni to benefit from our network of local and international employers.

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