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Rabat, January 31, 2022, Douar Tech’s Leadership Board has named Ms. Thanae Bennani as the new Executive Director for the non-profit organization.

Thanae’s background as an experienced professional in Government Affairs and her expertise in Bilateral Economic Cooperation,  Institutional Relations, and Sustainable Development Public Policies, along with her commitment to the Circular Economy and advocacy for Strong Communities, will help further Douar Tech’s mission. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Thanae Bennani as the first Executive Director of Douar Tech. Thanae brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the organization, as a former Director Of Government Affairs with a demonstrated history of leading Public Relations in the renewables and environment industry. This nomination shows how much Douar Tech has grown since its inception in 2017. As a Founder and Chairperson of the Board, I am confident that we have now put in place a collective governance that will benefit most Douar Tech, and know the operational team will thrive under Thanae’s leadership’.

Thanae is a Fulbright alumnus and holds a Master of Science in Finance (MSF) from George Washington University – School of Business. Prior to joining the Douar Tech team, Thanae held the position of Permanent Expert at Morocco’s Economic Social and Environmental Council.

About Douar Tech

Founded in 2017, Douar Tech is a Moroccan non-profit organization that contributes to strengthening the resilience of youth, especially women, from precarious communities in rural and peri-urban areas, through training in innovative entrepreneurship, digital and personal development skills. Douar Tech’s empowerment model contributes to the socio-economic inclusion of young people from all regions of Morocco, helping them fully seize the economic opportunities of the 21st century.
Douar tech’s programs focus on Morocco, but its network extends to the entire SWANA region (South-West Asia and North Africa) and the African continent. 

For more information, visit: douartech.org

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