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Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Second Edition Closing Ceremony

Rabat, March 2nd, 2022, Douar Tech will be having a closing ceremony to celebrate the completion of the second edition of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs program, on the 12th and 13th of March 2022, at Bayt Dakira Museum in Essaouira.

The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs is a six-month hybrid program in partnership with the U.S Embassy that was launched in October 2021, simultaneously in the provinces of Chefchaouen, Essaouira, and Taroudant. The program aims to promote the economic independence of aspiring young women entrepreneurs from rural and peri-urban areas across the country.

Over the past six-months, 63 young female entrepreneurs completed the DreamBuilder Curriculum, a learning tool developed by the Arizona State University that covered subjects relevant to starting a business, including marketing, finance, and accounting, created their first professional websites using no-code technologies and connected with experts from the Moroccan Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. 

The young female entrepreneurs also conducted local facilitation workshops in their local communities, a knowledge-sharing initiative to further promote inclusion and collaboration to solve local problems. A total of 4800 persons attended 40 workshops.

The ceremony marks the completion of the program for the three cohorts and celebrates the achievement of the participants and their acquired development. Two additional ceremonies will be held in Chefchaouen and Taroudant.

About Douar Tech

Founded in 2017, Douar Tech is a Moroccan non-profit organization that contributes to strengthening the resilience of youth, especially women, from precarious communities in rural and peri-urban areas, through training in innovative entrepreneurship, digital and personal development skills. Douar Tech’s empowerment model contributes to the socio-economic inclusion of young people from all regions of Morocco, helping them fully seize the economic opportunities of the 21st century.
Douar tech’s programs focus on Morocco, but its network extends to the entire SWANA region (South-West Asia and North Africa) and the African continent. 

For more information, visit: douartech.org

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