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Marana Women’s Network

What is the

Marana Women’s Network

Douar Tech conducted an online collaborative program for women across the Continent to participate in 10 speaker sessions with 11 digital experts across disciplines for knowledge sharing. Once the sessions concluded, Douar Tech distributed 10 micro-funding grants to select participants based on their creation of local language online resources, local community impact, and activism in the field of women's network and empowerment.

what we hope to achieve

Program Objectives

Knowledge Dissemination

Spread the digital culture especially towards female entrepreneurs with a special focus on vulnerable populations by means of local language


Equip beneficiaries membership to a collaborative network of inspiring female leaders in the pan-African digital ecosystem through online community platforms

Access to Capital

Allow for the sponsorship of digital solutions or projects led by female beneficiaries for the catalyzing of entrepreneurial potential among women in their local communities

speaker series

Our Digital Experts

Keynote speakers and industry experts from across the African continent shared with the participants their experience in digital inclusion and technology

the impression we left


In feedback from sessions, participants found the most valuable content around digital marketing and how this technology could impact their businesses

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