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Digital Expert Series: Aida Bennouna

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Our programs are all about innovative work and inspiring creative thought in our students. One of our favorite things is connecting with Moroccan entrepreneurs rethinking social structures and systems. We are honored to work with Aida Bennouna on new content through her work in permaculture and sustainable agriculture. During an exchange through our Digital Expert Series, Aida shared her experience about rethinking agriculture practices in Morocco and creating sustainable change through hard work and resilience. We are deeply inspired by her work and faith in humanity. Douar Tech continues to build new courses with Aida and we hope to continue to share her knowledge with our community. She also recently opened her own business nutrition.by.abc – check out her page to find more content on nutrition, healthy cooking, and permaculture!Watch the full webinar here : https://youtu.be/AdB9vajNLd4

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