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AWE Third Edition

What is the

AWE Program

From June 2022 to December 2022, Douar Tech partners with the US Embassy to Morocco to lead the third edition of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs with women from the provinces of Al Hoceima, Chefchaouen, and Larache. In six months, over 75 women will learn key skills in business and entrepreneurship. This program supports women to gain vital skills to build their business while simultaneously joining a supportive and inclusive community of fellow female entrepreneurs. We focus on knowledge sharing, empathic leadership, relationship building, and local community impact as a key strategy to support the next generation of female entrepreneurs in Morocco.

What we do

Key Program Dimensions

Throughout the program, participants become proficient in entrepreneurial and business skills with direct context to the Moroccan ecosystem and dynamics. We layer program components to ensure a well-rounded approach to knowledge transfer.


Core Courses

Participants attend sessions to understand concepts from the DreamBuilder curriculum, provided by in partnership with Arizona State University, in order to apply their knowledge with baseline principles.


Expert Speakers

Douar Tech utilizes its vast network of digital and entrepreneurial professionals from the Moroccan ecosystem, as well as American counterparts, to provide real-life context to participants and create channels for mentorship and guidance.


Personal Project

Female entrepreneurs apply to AWE primarily to launch or scale their business through knowledge acquisition and networking opportunities, as well as website creation. If you would like to support a female entrepreneur from the AWE, contact us today!


Peer Mentoring

Participants gain key guidance from a peer or experienced mentor to ensure tangible relationship building and ensure accountability. If you’re interested in mentoring women from the AWE program, let us know!


Local facilitation workshops

Participants are required to facilitate at least 2 workshops with local community members in their local language whether Arabic or Amazigh on a selected course from the DreamBuilder curriculum. In our first edition, AWE participants were able to impact 880+ Moroccans across the country from the ages of 15-80 years old!

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